Opening Of The First Official Casino In Altai

In Russia, for several years now, casinos are only allowed in certain specific regions of the country. More than 500 casinos in Moscow still existed in 2009. They have all been closed. At the time, many admit that they were already addicted to the game and that this shutdown was just good for everyone. We are now in 2013 and things should change and become a bit like before with a strict regularization proposed by the Russian government. The opening of a first casino in Russia will therefore open its doors in October 2013. The casino will be located directly in Altai.

In 2009, nearly 30,000 casinos and gambling halls were closed by the Russian authorities. 28,000 illegal gambling halls and thousands of jobs lost. Things were getting worrisome, the government wanted to shut down these networks in order to protect the population from gambling sg online casino free credit. More than 50 million rubles (i.e. 1.2 million euros had been seized at the time.

But now, the government has decided to make an effort and authorize the opening of an establishment, but only in well-defined territories (Altai and Primorye) which are located in the Kaliningrad region.

Even though the casino is affected, it is not about poker and sports betting. The first constructions have already been carried out on the ground. This Las Vegas territory began in August 2012. A large part of the building has been put in place. According to our information, the casino will have four floors so the gaming rooms will be on the first floor and the restaurants and hotels are on the following floors.

The casino will have the reputation of being the biggest JDL Singapore casino in Russia there is. A cost of 30 billion rubles was invested for the occasion. Later, the casino will have other peculiarities. By 2020, there will be several movie theaters, a ski area, a water park, shopping stores and a sports center. Russia will always amaze us. A new Las Vegas on the territory of Russia well adapted which meets an increasingly strong demand.

In Nevada, United States, Las Vegas is well known for being the capital of poker, slots, roulette, cash and excess. Currently, the city is preparing to change course. Major changes are also being developed. A big project still under development called the LINQ is under construction to accommodate a gigantic shopping center which intends to upset the city of angels in the near future. A new establishment of a new kind whose ultimate goal is to boost the city’s economy. After a slight recession during the last 2 years. Las Vegas has decided to modernize.

Russia need not worry. Gaming establishments still have a bright future behind them. So there is something for everyone.…

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